My chances of getting cash from ATM in Prague?


I am going to Prague - has anyone ever used Revolut there to get cash in Czech Koruna from an ATM?

I don’t like the idea of arriving in a country without any local cash, but neither do I like the idea of buying CZK in the UK at a bad rate.


Hello @Funn3r,

We do support the local currency CZK, so you can use your Rev card as a local card.



Andreas K.


You should have no problem.

I’ve withdrawn cash from an ATM inside the airport terminal in Prague - there are many. I used one before I exited the baggage reclaim area so it was a safe location.

Just be aware NOT to let the ATM do the currency conversion - leave that to revolut! And count the zeros so you know how much you are withdrawing! Also be conscious of the lower withdrawal limit as announced in the revised fair use policy.



Yes that’s correct!

Always choose to be charged in the local currency.

The ATM changes apply to new users immediately and will come into effect on 5th February 2017 for existing users.