Multiple Sims while travelling

Im going to travel next year to various countries, switching to local SIMs when possible to avoid excess data roaming costs. My question is if it is possible to use the app after changing mobile numbers (Sims). Will I have to change my mobile number every time I switch SIM ? I am mainly interested in using Revolut when travelling so this information is quite important to me.

Hey @itekelog :slight_smile:

This was answered by @Frank some time ago:

Esentially, you can keep your phone number unchanged, but you will miss functionality that require SMS codes (logging in from a new phone or after a reinstall, and bank transfers, I believe?)


Bank transfers for established accounts should be possible without the text. I believe the text code is only necessary if one adds a new bank account for outgoing transfers to the list.

One option would be to carry a simple (non internet capable) cellphone with the SIM card as a mobile TAN device.