Moving abroad with a previously created account



I just created a Revolut account, and confirmed it with my French ID and French permanent adress. However, I’ll be moving to the UK in two weeks time.
Can I change my address once I’m settled in the UK? In order to do that will I need to reverify my identity, and if so, with which proof since I won’t need/have a resident permit in the UK?

Is it best if I order my card while in France or once I move? With a card ordered and registered in a foreign country won’t I be subject to ATM fees or exchange rates?

Thank you for your answers


Yes, you can change it when you move, you will need to contact support in app to change the country. Your base currency will change to GBP. You will also need proof of your new address to provide to support. I used a bank statement, but I guess they will accept a tenancy agreement etc. Ordering a card in France should not make any difference with charges etc as the card will likely be a UK issued one anyway


Thank you very much for those informations!


I would order the card once you are in the UK as the free order takes some time (I wouldn’t trust the express delivery too with such limited time left).