Moving abroad with a previously created account


I just created a Revolut account, and confirmed it with my French ID and French permanent adress. However, I’ll be moving to the UK in two weeks time.
Can I change my address once I’m settled in the UK? In order to do that will I need to reverify my identity, and if so, with which proof since I won’t need/have a resident permit in the UK?

Is it best if I order my card while in France or once I move? With a card ordered and registered in a foreign country won’t I be subject to ATM fees or exchange rates?

Thank you for your answers

Yes, you can change it when you move, you will need to contact support in app to change the country. Your base currency will change to GBP. You will also need proof of your new address to provide to support. I used a bank statement, but I guess they will accept a tenancy agreement etc. Ordering a card in France should not make any difference with charges etc as the card will likely be a UK issued one anyway

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Thank you very much for those informations!

I would order the card once you are in the UK as the free order takes some time (I wouldn’t trust the express delivery too with such limited time left).

@benjaminmercier - did you change your adress at the end and what Revolut asked you for verification?

My friend has similar problem, she moved to Germany and she would like to get a new Revolut MC card with german BIN becuase some services that she would like to use there are country restricted and its not working with her old card. So, what to do? Is it possible to change country BIN on old card or she needs a new one? Is it possible to have two Revolut working cards for two different countries?

She needs to order a new card (after updating the profile address, just changing delivery address does not do the trick). The old card will work like it used to be until expiration date.

But she cant change country in the R app, i guess she needs to contact R support for that.

Yes. And she needs to verify the new addess, too.

Hello - bringing this back up as the question is similar but different…
What about moving to a country where Revolut is currently not available?
Can I keep the Revolut account if I keep my UK phone number? Obviously if I have to provide a new address that will show that I am somewhere where Revolut is not available yet (but has been promised so it would be great to be able to keep the Revolut alive until such time that new country is covered).
What choices do I have? Is closing the Revolut account my only choice?


Hi @runaway I also have the same question, is it sorted for you? Cheers!

Aloha! I have a US Revolut account and will be moving to London at the end of June for 5 years. I will be cancelling my US phone number. What do I need to do to make the transition smoothly?

Please ask the support. They can guide you.

Dear all, if my case can help I joined Revolut with a Eurozone account while I was living in the USA (Revolut was not there at the time). Cards were delivered in the USA.
I was adding € to spend US$. No issues at all. Not sure this is actually an issue but as previously mentioned Support will provide guidelines if needed.

I have a different question but I can’t see how to create a new topic so I will put it here…

I have read the latest Revolut blog post about Brexit but there is one point that doesn’t seem to be addressed.

Many people who are UK residents now - i.e. are tax residents in the UK - will have to decide in January 2020 if they want to become permanent residents of their host country (inc. tax residency) or stay permanent residents in the UK and accept the third country entry rules (90/180 days) of the EU.

What happens to the accounts that were set up in the UK? If people continue to have an address in the UK, will they need to change anything with Revolut?

How will this work, please?

I move from Romania to the UK in a couple of weeks. I will continue to work for Romanian clients. I wish to maintain my Romanian account so that my clients can pay me in the local currency. I will then exchange that to GBP. Is there anything I need to do when I move to enable this to happen flawlessly?

I’m planning to move to Vietnam in a few years time. Will I still be able to keep my account? @anon33247966

I was recently told by support that I cannot transfer my account from the UK to Germany. I have to close my account and then reopen it.

Obviously this isn’t easy as I have GBP and EUR in Revolut that I’d need to transfer somewhere else then back to Revolut. It’s easier to just open a new account with N26 or similar.

It seems a shame that this process cannot be done.