Money were taken from my account

My money were taken from my account a couple hours ago and sent to Wise without my approval. Chat support is not helpful at all, keep asking questions which chat would I prefer.
Almost 20k euro went away without my approval.
I need urgent assistance, where do I find it? Chat support seems useless


Who else has access to your account? :neutral_face:

It’s not so easy to transfer €20k just like that, without account owner approval :thinking:


No one has access to my account. But it looks like Wise direct debited it. I see ia Wise IBAN and some reference code.
The Revolut support keeps answering with canned messages, saying we can’t do anything, talk to Wise


If you don’t respond to the chat agent, how on earth can you expect any level of satisfaction?
Money isn’t just “taken from your account without your approval” - I suspect there is ore to this story than you are sharing here. Is the Wise account yours? Was your account hacked? Did someone else have access to your phone and performed this transaction without your permission?
This is a user forum. The way to resolve any issue is with :r: direct through the app - a process you have already begun.
If you are unhappy with the in-app respose, you could also try [getting help on Social Media]


Who said I do not respond to chat agents? Read carefully, it is the chat agents who’s putting me on hold, reply with canned response and not offering any help.
Nothing was hacked, it was just direct debited by Wise to the Wise IBAN


So, what action have you taken in regard to the help you HAVE been provided by :r: and Forum users other than just sit, whinge and complain on a user forum?
One cannot help but wonder about your motivation here


Hello @Karliner :wave: ,

Welcome to our Community. Sorry to hear that 20k euro was taken from your account without your permission. :frowning_face:

Let us help you with the necessary work-around in this scenario:

  1. Login to your app and select that particular transfer from your ‘transaction history’
  2. Click on ‘Get help’
  3. Then click on ‘Report this transfer as fraud’

You can also select the transfer to view the transfer tracker and check if it’s eligible for cancellation. If the transfer is eligible, you’ll see a ‘Cancel’ button.

Once you have reported the transfer as fraud:

  • Block the merchant or recipient you are mentioning — ceasing communication is essential
  • Contact the financial institution where your account is held. If it’s Revolut, please contact us immediately via the in-app chat or email
  • Get in touch with Wise as well to understand what this transaction is all about
  • Notify the police

You can report the transfer here - Report a transfer

SG | Community Team

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