Missing Sepa payments


I opened up a revolut account as my employer pays me in euros, and this seemed like a good way of avoiding fees and bad exchange rates.
After using revolut for a few month and having no problems receiving sepa payments from coimbase, or other transfers, I decided I would update my bank details with my employer.

Last Tuesday they paid some expenses into my account, and a week and a half later this is yet to show up in my revolut eur account. This was a SEPA payment, using the IBAN and BIC found in the app for my eur account.

Now today my wages have been paid, (same method to same account) and these too are still yet to show up, and Im getting worried that like my expenses these too wont arrive.

I have tried contacting in app support, and was told to wait roughly 2 hours. This was 5 hours ago, and still havent received anything back.

Just like to add that my limit is at 20,000 per year, and im way off reaching it, so i know this is not the problem.

Just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues, and if so, how you went about resolving it?

I really hope this gets sorted, because I think it is a great app with a great idea. However, if its unable to do the things its made for its pretty pointless, and I will end up deleting my account.



Sorry I cannot help you. Given Revolut is a fintech and not a bank I would not get my salary wired there. You will not get the same protection/legal framework than with a bank with a banking license. I think Revolut is the perfect use for everything it is good at (low fee FX transactions, paying in foreign countries, crypto currencies, sending cash quickly to friends) anything else I think it is still too early.


Are you sure you have provided your employer with the IBAN from the “local” page and not “SWIFT”?


Yeah, 100%. I emailed them asking to confirm the details that they used, and they were the correct ones. Thanks


My wages from today have just cleared, so that is a big relief. Makes me wonder why my expenses from last week still havent came through though.