Missing Account and Money


Yesterday the app crashed on my phone and when I reopened the app it asked for my phone number to access my account but takes me through a whole new signup process as if it does not recognize me as an existing user. The app does not provide an email sign in. Nor does it seem to ask for ‘existing users’ signing. So now I seemingly have a new account. I added funds to validate, then tried to add my existing physical card, but that won’t work. I have no idea how to get back to my old account which has money in it which I need to access ASAP.

I have tried for 2 days to get help through the app chat but so far got no where.

You need to log in with the phone number you used to initially set up the account with.

Even though I have changed the number on the account well over a year ago? I did try it, but it needs to send a code to that number, a number which I do not have anymore

You are right, once you changed your number associated with an account, this number becomes the new log in. Have you ever logged in with that new number?

Concerning the text: wait about two minutes, then tap “didn’t receive text”. They can then provide you the text via chat.

I believe I have logged in with the new number, been using the app cosistantly over the past year since changing the number. I receive notifications on this number every time I use my card.

I do wonder though how I was able to create an account with my new number, if I already had an account on that phone number.

These notifications are push notifications, not text messages to a number. Whatever the case might be, you need support to help you out. They can merge accounts. You can try to DM them on Twitter, that might speed things up.

I just dug out my old phone and sim, activated it so could receive a call, got he code, logged in, and found my money. Thanks so much for your help

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Glad it was solved so easily. Now you‘re going to talk to support and ask them to change the number that is associated with the account, right. :wink:

Exactly :+1:t2:

Thanks again for all your help

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