Max contactless limit ?


What is contactless limit on revolut cards?
I know different countries have different limits imposed (my country uses 25euro), but there must be some limit on card itself.

How much is max contactless payment possible when using revolut card (assuming country where you use it, allows it)?


I believe this depends on the terminal configuration. Also, I vaguely remember that with PSD2, the transaction limit for PIN-less transactions was raised to 50 EUR/150 EUR in 5 consecutive individual transactions. I recently got updated T&Cs from my old school bank reflecting this.

(Besides this, cards do have a security limit that should limit the damage in case of theft of a contactless card. But these limits aren’t made public due to security reasons.)


I don’t think there is any limit but the one set in your app or your total balance, as it is like a normal transaction. Mine is deactivated because of that.

I think we should be able to set the limit ourselves for each trsnsaction. One limit for contactless payment, one for normal payment. How about this idea?