Mastercard not accepted by ATMs in Greece


Hi there,

I’ve been traveling to Poros, Greece and I could not withdraw money from ATMs using my Mastercard Revolut.
I haven’t tried withdraws until now so I can’t say it evere worked in other countries, I will try in Romania in 3 days.
Payments work with no issues at POS with all stores and restaurants.

The ATMs I’ve tried are from Alpha Bank, Piraeus Bank, Euro Bank and a 4th one I don’t remember.

The message from all ATMs is something like “card could not be identified”.


Used mine in Tsilivi, Zakynthos at Eurobank ATM 4 weeks ago without any problem.


Not trying card in ATM’s in your home country prior travel abroad is just asking for trouble, imo.


Why? The only place for revolut to feel home is in UK. Well, it’s a GBP card and where ever you go in Europe the card it’s already a foreign, so I doesn’t matter if you use it in Greece or France.


Maybe because it’s easier to sort out at home if you have any problems than find out when your traveling


I used my Revolut card in 3 different atm in Corfu in May. No problem. But I used my Visa Revolut card, haven’t tried with the MasterCard one.


Tried today in Romania at an ATM and it worked. I have no idea if it will work or not in another country.