Manage Your Open Banking Applications Better With DCR! 📈

Hey there, developers!

We made some updates to our Dynamic Client Registration (DCR) guidance you might want to know about.

What’s DCR? :thinking:

DCR allows you to register and manage your open banking applications using our Open Banking API.

What’s new? :star_struck:

As part of our latest updates, we:

  • added new DCR endpoints to the Applications page in our Open Banking API documentation. Here you can learn how to register, update, delete applications, and more
  • changed the guidance on how to retrieve and update application data, and delete applications
  • created a new guide on how to update different certificates for your application

Our ever-growing Open Banking API is intended for regulated third-party providers. If you’re hoping to automate your own business processes, why not check out our Business API?

We love to hear from you! If you have any feedback or suggestions, drop a comment below! :point_down:t6: