Love is In the Air ❤

Hi everyone!

We know that Valentine’s Day is over, but love should be in the air every day of the year! :heart:

Spending the days with your special someone, or taking time to appreciate yourself and your close friends, should be done throughout the year, but we know things can get crazy expensive :money_with_wings:

However, with Revolut Rewards you can still do things on the cheap. Just open up your :r: app and go to the Hub section - click on Rewards and check the latest deals we have for you :eyes:

Or maybe, you can go the extra mile and just book yourself a Stay through our Revolut Stays feature :beach_umbrella:

It’s really up to you, but with Revolut Valentine’s Day can be every day! But, we’d love to hear from you. What are your tips and tricks to have a special day without going over budget? :heart:


get your partner to pay :wink:


That’s a nice one @Graham_Lees :laughing: