Lounge Pass for arriving and baggage claim

I’ve just had some relatives arrive at Montevideo and they bought VIP lounge passes but for the arrival!

Once they got through customs they went straight to the lounge and their luggage was picked up for them by staff while they relaxed and ate/drink free in a nice quiet lounge. Exit was a traffic/person free area.

Now I have never purchased a pass and people normally do it for check ins but they tend to do it when arriving at their destination.

Do other airports like Heathrow and BHX have VIP passed for arrival and baggage pick up while you wait?


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Hello @CJD :wave:,

I understand your concerns. You can see the full list of supported lounges via search feature in Hub → Lounges. Search for an airport or look at nearby airports if you have geolocation activated. :airplane: :airplane:

SG | Community Team