Lost Loaded card.

Hypothetical situation,
I’ve got off a plane in Bangkok, and I have lost my card, I have £2000.00 on my card £1500.00 and 20,000. Bhat.
I’ve got £20.00 in my wallet and NO other cards.

What can Revolut do?

still exist? :slight_smile:
Could you elaborate your question?

As far as I know, nothing. You’d have to lock your card then order a new one and get priority shipping on the card, to have it delivered in a day or two.

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See, If he is lucky user of Android and if he is able to add his virtual card to GPay- he still will be able to use Revolut… But I don’t know what the question is…


With Revolut, money is not loaded on to a card. Money is stored in your Revolut account, which can be accessed by various means, including bank transfers, payments to other Revolut customers, physical card transactions using one or more Revolut cards, Google Pay and “soon” Apple Pay. If you need to make physical card transactions, then look after your card carefully and don’t lose it. If you are prone to losing physical cards, then order an additional physical card.


What are you talking about ???

I am talking about possibilities. Reading your question I assume that it wasn’t answer which you have expected. So what are you asking about?

How to use this money? Or How to block the card? Or something else?

He meant if you use Android, assuming your card is mastercard you might be able to use Google Pay at a supported merchant.

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