LogIn not possible.

Hi there. After opening the app it always wants to create a new account. Where is my original account? I have a physical card and i am verified. Now i wanted to top up for the first time…

Thanks for help

maybe now i have two accounts . the original one with card and verified. and the one i created some minutes ago…i just want to use my original account without problems etc. Thx

Accounts are connected to the mobile phone number. One can change phones for example by simply installing the app on a new phone with the same phone number. Does this help somehow?

Dear Frank,

thank you. Because i am abroad at the moment, i used my foreign number from georgia the last times. it worked to log in with that one. i received sms etc. but now i did not found georgia in the list for phone numbers. when i created the account, i used german number.

so is it possible to log in again with the georgian number, or can we use my german number for the original account now?

Otherwise i learned, that i can link my existing revolut card with the new account. but then i have to verify again. i can do this but having my original account would be easier i think.

thank you in advance

Sorry, I am not sure if I understand you correctly, which one is the phone number that is associated with your fully verified account? Georgia or German?

Nevertheless, you could ask the support to change the phone number associated with your account to be able to access the account again.

(DM someone from the Revolut stuff here or use their Twitter/Facebook in case you can’t access the in-app support chat.)

at the moment the original account should be linked with the georgian number. maybe thats the reason, why it was only possible to enter a number in order to create account, instead of having the login option…?

i think your idea with change of the number is the best.

thank you frank,

i try to find someone from the revolut stuff here

I suggest contacting @anon33247966.

Good luck!

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