Location-based security on multiple devices

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I’m confused as to how the location-based security feature for cards is supposed to work when I have the Revolut app installed on both an iPhone and iPad, as I don’t carry the iPad with me at all times. I can confirm that if the feature is on, Revolut will frequenly query both devices’ location. But there is no setting which device has higher priority of accuracy.
Does anyone have any insight? Or should I simply turn this feature off?
Thank you.

In theory it should ping both and decide whether either are within the locality of the transaction you’re trying to make. This only happens with physical, if you’re using Apple Pay you’re fine.


Thanks Carl :smiley: The idea that it pings both is very clever. I hope it works this way.

But it definitely does apply to Apple Pay when using a physical card added to Apple Pay that has the setting on. I was in a Deutsche Bahn train, who use those tiny Bluetooth card readers with their checkout device for onboard service, but they are all registered to Frankfurt, Germany, where the DB headquarters are. This is, of course, not where the train is I am on. lol. I got a payment denied due to using the location-based security setting with Apple Pay on my watch (Metal card added to Apple Pay).

So you either have to use a card added to Apple Pay that has the setting turned off or a virtual card that doesn’t have the setting.

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Ah, I know I had similar issue some time ago using my physical card at a cinema who’s location was weirdly set to London some 200+ miles away, but Google pay worked fine.

I’m now iPhone but not yet come across this issue.

Is a strange anomaly, but I’d not consider removing location based security to mitigate fraudulent activity.


If you don’t mind seeing a less pretty image of the card on Apple Pay, you could use a virtual card for Apple Pay without location-based security. Or go to the App settings, turn it off, try payment again, and turn it back on.

Considering Apple Pay has its own security measures—especially biometrics—I wouldn’t mind if I could turn off location-based security just for Apple Pay. Or if it was off on its own.