Local payment methods when paying off a request

Currently if I request money from another person by sending them a request link, either my universal one (Revolut.Me) or one with a specific amount - the only option to pay is by using credit/debit card details.

This is a universal option, but probably the most time-consuming and inconvenient one. Revolut already has tonnes of local payment methods implemented for topping up your own account, and I don’t see why they are not an option in the request link.

At least Apple Pay and Google Pay should definitely be implemented and it’s weird that they still haven’t been. Other than that, adding local payment methods, like iDEAL for Benelux countries, would be ideal (pun intended :smirk:). The selection of payment methods could be based on either the requester’s country or the receiver’s IP address to not clutter the interface with irrelevant ones. Still, there’s no excuse not to add Apple and Google Pay.


Hello @antikovt :wave:,

Thank you for sharing your idea with us. I would like to inform you that we read each and every feedback and pass on that to our relevant team for further investigation. Once the idea gets implemented, we let our users know about this. This whole process takes some time. Please bear with us. :pray:

SG | Community Team