Limit to exchange

Hi all community,

A revolut operator today informed me that if I continued to trade between the euro and the dollar (logically to make a profit) my account would have been limited !!
Being a metal user I didn’t think, I never read it, of such a limitation.
Can you tell me something about it?

Perhaps it will be included with the new terms and conditions that come into effect on July 27th?

Revolut with Metal could be the best Forex App out there so maybe that’s why it’s not allowed?

Check the T&Cs. The product is not supposed to be used as a trading platform.


Isn’t it more for expats or people working in one country and getting paid in another?


I’ve check, but the ban is present only in the new conditions that start from 27 July.

And why there’s an auto-exchange function?

19.1. It is not permitted to:
Z use the Revolut Services to trade FX for speculative purposes or for FX arbitrage;

old T&Cs:

I don’t think so. I haven’t read every version of the T&Cs since 2015, but it has been there for years. :grimacing:

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he just didn’t do look properly.
There always has been a fair use policy.

It was there for auto Fx orders when they launched.

I didn’t saw that

19.1 Z

Ok I understood. Just one trade for month … :):grinning:

Thanks all for the clarification

Thanks for sharing this information, didn’t knew there were some limits.

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