Lack of common sense in Compliance team

Just to give some feedback.

Recently wanted to add another income stream to Revolut to raise my top up limits. Basically income from a tenancy I’m renting out.

So I first uploaded a whole year of bank statements from HSBC clearly showing the regular monthly payments into my account from my tenant.

After about 48 hours the compliance team wanted sight of a copy of the tenancy agreement as well. Which I duly uploaded too.

My top up limit was then increased by about 60% of the new proven income stream. I was a bit perplexed and therefore queried why. The support rep told me ‘but you still have X amount before you reach your limit’. That answer seemed a bit strange, so I pointed out that because anecdotally the compliance team are a bit tardy in their response I preferred to plan ahead, and get compliance sorted before my needs.

He then requested a copy of my tax return too. I really thought this was overkill but having nothing to hide I duly complied. I uploaded the last full year rental tax return I had, which was for 2016. (Bear in mind that the bank statements clearly show the rental payments to be ongoing and current).

But he informed me that this was not acceptable because the tax statement needed to be from at least 2017.

This is impossible, because the tax years in Malta (where the tenancy is located) mean that things get calculated in arrears, with my tax details only presented to the tax authority later this year, for last year’s income.

So my Top up limit verification process has been left as ‘pending’, presumably for perpetuity?

This saga was not helped by the compliance team member who dealt with me having what seemed to be quite poor English and a lack of understanding of quite basic financial concepts.

All in all a peculiarly Byzantine process. I’m used to dealing with compliance departments in my dealings with my banks and other financial institutions, but the Revolut set up is quite convoluted and seems designed to introduce delay, inefficiency and frustration. The compliance department seems to attract the most complaints in this forum

I hope it can improve, especially once the banking licence is obtained. I’m a great fan of Revolut and use it all the time for a large proportion of my daily needs. I love it in fact. But this is pretty basic stuff.

I’m also a shareholder and want my investment to grow! :slight_smile:


Got exactly the same answer, and they didn’t want increase my limit.
After some argue they lifted it a little, but still my limit is lower than proved incomes…

Fortunately (?) the reason why I wanted to lift the limit is out of date :slight_smile:


Also @AndreasK :slight_smile: do you know if this jumping through limit hoops will vanish once Revolut has the banking licence - or is it here to stay? Thanks.