Keeping incoming foreign payments in their respective currencies


I have recently opened a Revolut Business account here in Cyprus. I make and receive payments in EURO, GBP & USD. Is it possible to have an account for each currencies so to minimise costs in FX? For example I can pay a supplier in the US from my USD account and receive an order from the UK in GBP keeping these payment in their respective currency account? I hope I’ve explaied that correctly. thank you. David

@DavidShapiro Hello, Welcome to the community. :star_struck:

That’s right! EUR, USD, and GBP are all supported currencies you can hold in your Revolut app. Additionally, Revolut business IBANs are multi-currency, meaning you can receive transfers in all three of these currencies (and many more!). You can find more details about this in our helpful FAQ.

As long as you have currency accounts activated for EUR, USD, and GBP, any incoming payments or transfers in those currencies will be automatically deposited into the corresponding pockets within your Revolut app. This applies whether you’re receiving funds from a regular bank account or through your merchant account. Please check here for more details.

So, you’ve got everything covered for managing these currencies effectively in your Revolut account. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any further questions. :pray:

Veda | Community team

Hello Veda,

Thank you very much for the clear explanation.

I want to make sure I have everything setup as requiredbefore I consider adding a merchant account. I currently use Stripe but I feel there are potentially big savings to be made.

I hope Revolut will consider adding 24/7 live chat support in the near future as this is one outstanding feature with Stripe.

Thank you again.