Joint Accounts and card transfer to them

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I have recently became a Revolut user with a goal to give a card to my mother who is not really tech&finance savy. Therefore I’ve created an account and asked for a card for her on a distance that arrived yesterday. However we are issuing a problem that she is not able to connect to my profile on revolut as it requests a face prove (iam in a different country) and also when we do a joint account (that I only got aware of today) it seems not being able to connect to the already existing card.

The goal is to be able to send money from my part and see the money traffic in there so I could control, but the use would be entire on her side.

Please let me know what I could do in this case to make it work?

Much much appreciated in advance!


Let’s see. If I am understanding you correctly, you ordered a 2nd card for your own account and you want to share that with your mom. I would not recommend this. (It’s in violation of the T&Cs.)

You’re not supposed to share your account log-in details with a 2nd person. That is why the app also is not designed for this.

You and your mom can open a shared account together. But your mom needs to sing up with Revolut in her own name first. The card you’ve ordered can not be linked to a shared account. You need to order cards for the shared account individually once it’s opened.


Hi @margolita and welcome to our Community :wave:

As @Frank mentioned, your account can only be used by you, but you can indeed open an account for your mother and create a joint account for the both of you :blush:

However, the card you ordered from your account, will not be linked to that Joint Account. This will have to follow a different process.

To order a joint account card in-app:

  1. Go to ‘Home’ on the bottom menu
  2. Tap on ‘Cards’ (top-right icon)
  3. Select ‘+ Add new’
  4. Choose ‘Joint’ and follow the instructions

Each account holder needs to order a card separately.

I hope this helps :heart:

Mariana Rodrigues I Community Manager


Thank You Frank, thats very unfortunate that I cant transfer the card to the shared account and now since the card is with her, it becomes a useless piece of plastic :frowning:

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Thank you Mariana! Is there a way to transfer card to the joint account so Iam not wasting more money on shipping and we dont have to wait for two extra weeks for the delivery of the new card?


There’s no way. The card was issued in your name. This is permanent. Since you shared the card already and disclosed details like the card number and security code with someone, the card is compromised from the perspective of the issuer, even if you retrieve it.

That is a security risk. You’re not supposed to share card details like number, security codes and PINs of any card issued in your name. Not following these T&Cs can become a problem in cases of fraud. It’s about liability.

Once the shared account is set up, you and your mom will be able to order your own individual cards. You’re not supposed to disclose the card details of each other’s cards to another. You won’t be able to see her card details in your app. She won’t be able to see your card details in her app.


That’s correct @Frank :pray:

@margolita Unfortunately, there’s no way to link your already existing card to a new Joint Account :frowning_face:

You will need to order a new card for the Joint Account, and each account holder needs to order the card separately.

Mariana Rodrigues I Community Manager