It's not clear you need the money in account to order a card


Apologies if this has been mentioned before. I just got the app and added £10 so I could order a card. When I got to delivery options I needed to select express (£11.99) as free delivery would’ve arrived after I’d left for vacation.

When I tried to select express, it prompted me to go premium for £72 a year, but provided no way to proceed without upgrading. I twigged that I maybe needed to have enough for the £11.99 in my account so I topped up with more money and it went through successfully.

Maybe make this clearer in future for people who need to use this option, it’d be helpful if alongside premium there was a message saying you need to top up so that you had £11.99 in your account to order the card with express delivery.

Thanks and I look forward to getting my card for my travels :slight_smile:

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