Issues with Payment Request links

I tried to generate a payment request link today but when opening the newly generated link the page is only loading to half-way then stops at loading animation (just hanging). Anyone else experienced the same problem? USD was the target currency. I am in discussion with Support.

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Not sure if this is related but I sent my first request (happens to be to non-app user) and they can’t pay. States link is invalid or expired but app says that there are 8 days left. Tried contacting support but there’s a 4-hour wait! :tired_face:

Same for me: tried 2 times to generate a request link and same result:
“This payment link is invalid or has expired”
while the app says: “This payment link will expire in 9 days”

hi @davidmanch this should now be resolved.

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I can not create the link at all and every time I hear something new from the agents. I did everything they asked me to do but still gettinf this failed message. #help please