Is the Revolut Business Plan a workable plan?


When I saw first time a Revolut Ad, I was curious and finally was quick convinced to use Revolut as my main bank. I liked too much all these modern features. Vaults, visual and physic cards. Analytics and generally, quick steps for almost everything. From first day, I bought a premium subscription.

Periodically, my experience felt down. Too many international companies uses BIN number of a card to assign an account to a country. So, google don’t let me to buy some app, I guess for DRM reasons. I had difficulties also to paypal platform.

I also noticed that lookup services like show random or not up-to-date results. One from Revolut based on is from USA and the other from Italy. That’s something that surely not helping the situation.

I open this topic not as hater. I guess we can also discuss any tip which can be useful to handle this uncomfortable issue. It’s community quality matter to make this topic useful.


Okay, i am not from GB but I use Revolut card. I’ve added my Revolut card to my Google account, PayPal, Curve, MasterPass,
Amazon, Wish, Greek, Aliexpress, and many others. Of course I’ve paid for many goods in these services (or by these services), so IMHO- it is possible :wink:


@redi, you use Google Play Store (Google App Store) and can charge you card, lets say with some in-app purchases? To be specific, I tried to bought some credits for PUBG and I couldn’t.

PS: What you mean with “Greek”?
PS2: Don’t comment my consume habits :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve never tried to buy anything by in-app purchases, but I’ve bought a few apps/games in Google Play.
About a Greek- it was typo, it should be Geek :wink: