Is exchange working ?

I have been trying for the last 4 hours to exchange £200 to Euros, each time I try I get “Unfortunately Revolut has stopped” I got in touch with support about 3.5 hours ago and they said the problem was at their end and tech support were trying to sort it out, 4 hours ? am I the only one ? it transferred the money onto the card OK I had to use my normal UK debit card in the shops today

Hi @cwjs,

it works fine with me.

Maybe try to exchange other amounts ?

Is your internet connection working with the phone ?

Close the app and restart again.

Does that change anything ? Or what did you try so far ?



Thanks for repyling

Yes I have tried other amounts,

Internet is working fine, as I said I loaded the card with £200 just before trying to exchange into euros.

I have closed the app and restarted the phone

Hey @cwjs :slight_smile:

You say you had to use your UK card because you couldn’t convert…

Maybe I misread something, but you don’t need to convert anything to spend with :r:, it will automatically convert to the proper currency on the fly, without any need for prior conversion/exchange :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi Juliopp,

What I meant was I did not have enough money on my revolut card because it would not exchange my money from £s to €s so I used my normal UK bank card.

I just got onto support again and they sent me a update it is now working.

Thanks all,

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