📊 Investing in stock market

This is basic in stock market/trade, @Water-Fire.
If that’s new to you you shouldn’t trade, to be honest.

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  • stocks fluctuate throughout the day; they are a volatile asset. You should be aiming for long-term growth, not cashing in within 3 seconds
  • there is a spread between the buy and sell price

I know that. But revolut did not charge spread that’s the point.

The spread isn’t something you can just not charge lol

Are you serious?


Look the appearance in the app comparing to trading statement. Just show the quantity, different on both of them.

The price of the share went up in that case so you made a little cash

I think what @Water-Fire wants to point out is that the transaction text shows 0.02332524 shares bought and 0.2332415 sold
even though the shares are the same amount on the statement for buy and sell



@AndreasK could we get an explanation on that, that’s actually quite important

Would be great to see more tools to organize stock section.
There is only list of stock which I need to scroll to check what is there.
When I scroll for some time, app starts to lag a lot even on Samsung Galaxy Note phone with 6GB of RAM. Noticed they are adding new stocks, so it will lag more in future and will be even harder to organize everything.

So nice tools to have in the future:

  1. Divide stocks to categories.
  2. Make separate category “newly added” so It can be filtered whats new and not mixed with old ones.
  3. Make possibility to “pin to favorites” (now only possibility to track specific stock is to buy it or search for it)
  4. App changes will take time. So for now at least add the same list of stocks in website like:
    and if list is specific to country - make a filter “by country”. This way everyone will be able to search faster on computer with no lag and then go to phone only for find&purchase.
    Also listing it to users who do not have Revolut yet, might force them to get it by seeing some specific brand they would like to invest in :slight_smile:

P.S. waiting for EU and other regions stocks together with ETFs!

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Hello everyone. I have problems with market, all numbers are freezed and doesnt changing… anyone else have the same problem ? Its 3 days when percentages are the same

where I can get a stock list that I can trade through Revolut?

The stock market interface needs some improvements:

  • Allow to create buy/sell orders (at the moment the trade is done at market value). Day trade is useless without this functionality!! This is an important enhancement.

  • Display share depth on buy/sell screen (at the moment you need to click the (i) next to the price). This information is important and should be next to the price.

  • Create alerts for share prices (similar to currency alerts). This one is minor.



any news about UK and EU stock and ETF ?