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It’s high time Revolut brings more transparency and tells us what is going on with ETF’s


Believe me, even other brokers with more than thousand ETFs receives requests every day from people missing their favourite ETFs, if time is not money for you… you can wait some years to Revolut offers what any other consolidate broker already offers.

I’d love to one day Revolut become a real competitive investment platform… but I won’t wait that with my money doing nothing in a bank account.

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Yeah, but I don’t understand what is so difficult to add etf’s to an already existing infrastructure, they are trading just like stocks, buy and sell, have a graph, we have european ETF’s registered in Ireland and they respect all european financial regulation, add Vanguard at begginning and let people use money in your application, there are countries that don’t have any free trading alternative, or any US stock exposure alternative, simply entering the market would make them leaders, if they wait a few years they will enter a competitive market and they offer will be unattractive. At this point even communicating what they are doing would be great

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I think Revolut will be a good and nice solution one day, but until that, if you need professional items and ways of transactions you might use a more professional program. Yes, it’s probably a bit more expensive, but has tons of way where you can usethe advantage … I like Revolut and you’re right, more option would be better, but it’s still not a professional broker program (and probably never became if they want to keep the fees low)…

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Think about it this way, if you have 20$ to invest per month and you have an alternative to use Interactive Brokers, which have a 10$ fee per month to trade, you already lose 50% of your investment, so it doesn’t make sense to use it. If Revolut comes with ETF’s, you can invest your 20$ and when your income grows because you are from a developing country, you will continue to invest with Revolut, because it was your first trading partner and you trust them. There is only money to be made here and conquer markets

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PLEASE: Add the possibility to place buy or sell orders at a user defined price.

It’s ridiculous to have to be monitoring the stocks to buy/sell when the our target price is reached…


Haha, you’re right! I’m also using IBKR as my primary tool and Revolut to do this small amount buy and sell… :laughing:
I’d like Revolut to became better and offer more options but I never want to put a ‘big’ money to a phone app which has no 2nd or 3rd surface for using it… Don’t get me wrong I think Revolut is great and could be used for daily FX or stock market but if they lock your account or if you have issues with your phone… You stuck and not able to use your money.Luckily it never happened with me, but I’d like to be cautious and avoid a lock… :grin:
Revolut gives a great opportunity but it’s crazy that there’s no normal internet site where you can login and manage your profile or do daily acrivities…
Another thing is that RobinHood and /or Revolut did a great idea bringing the comission fee trades to the crowd without complexity(easy to trade, easy to register) but it could be the trap as well… Young investors are trying it and if they are loosing money, they will quit… Mainly the problem is the lack of education, the background where they(Revolut) gives more info about the risks.,etc.
So, yes, I think it’s a good thing, use it, but be cautious especially these days when the volatility is crazy :wink:

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If you know many about Revolut app,

Maybe you can explain can i, as Standard user,

Check how many free trades left for me or find out

When free trades renewied? Thanks in advance


You see the available free trades left there. When you buy a stock, you will see the fee and the details before you buy it.

It’s from their info site:

  • Metal enjoy unlimited stock trading. Premium have 8 commission-free trades a month and Standard have 3. (£1 per trade thereafter - see the Trading FAQ for your country’s equivalent)
  • We also charge a small annual custody fee of 0.01% of the market value of your assets. This is charged each month, based on the assets held at the time of calculation

I see so much wasted potential in Revolut trading that it hurts my heart


Are you planning to add more companies to invest? Can we suggest some :blush:


Today, they had issues in the app… They informed the users, but… If I plan a serious action, then it’s basically delay/miss the chance to buy or sell… In this case, they don’t say, that okay, let me give 5 or 10% back of your monthly fee as it was our error… Adding new stock items? :slight_smile: work on this first :joy:

Why is spread as high as 5% when buying Tesla stock? my net is 5% less than current market price