Introducing Auto-Exchange 💸

See responce to my similar case.

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I can’t tell you from HUF in EUR only from RON to HUF if it helps you in any way.
I used auto-exchange many times from RON to HUF and only had to win at a very good exchange compared to the foreign exchange houses or the bank.
I have never used auto-exchange HUF in RON.

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Go to your auto-exchanges by going to Dashboard> Watchlist> Show More> Actions, there you’ll find the delete button.

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I can’t seem to delete auto-exchange orders.
I’ve tried tapping on it from the list of orders, nothing happens.

(BTW, I’m using the Dutch (Belgian) version of the app, if this makes any difference?)

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don’t tap it, slide it to left after following @rave56’s instruction
edit: actually tapping it in the actions tab also lets you delete it.

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I set the auto-exchange to 1 lei = 0,2122 euro and the auto-exchange has made to 1 lei = 0,2112 euro. That was my problem.

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We have one common problem :slight_smile: handling unusual display of an exchange rate. But you are still able to use CZK to EUR auto-exchange, although in non-user friendly mode.
But HUF to EUR auto-exchange is simply not possible, or at least I cannot figure out a way to do it. That is because variations in published exchange rates are only at the 5th and 6th decimal.

If Revolut does’nt want to switch how exchange rate is displayed than I would expect either list cost of 1 EUR for 100 HUF, or display 6 decimals.

Both would work. As it is implemented now is unusable for me.

See below how Bloomberg is presenting the exchange rate. And compare it to what Revolut is presenting me. Min/max/current 0,0030 for the past month.

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I see your point. Basicaly revolut made definiton how the auto-fx is done and developers did their programing and deal done. The same measurement no market practice. Here is product - take or leave it. It looks to me that they don’t bothered.

In my case auto fx works only for certain thresholds - like “stairs”. But change it would be easy for programers - just to use 1/x view factor for selected currenly pairs in the settings.



In you case iase change would be addion factor x100. Our Central Bank doing the same for HUF. The unit is 100.

Yes, your point is right, a currency rate for 100 HUF would be usable.

Anybody on behalf of Revolut staff is reading this? Please, please explain how should I use this auto-exchange feature for HUF to EUR conversion.


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Hi, I have a generic question on Auto Exchange. Revolut charges an extra fee outside foreign exchange market hours. With international travel and time zones, could it be that the Auto exchange kicks in outside market hours in one particular zone of the planet and therefore introduces outside market hours fee?

Or is Auto Exchange guaranteed not to generate out of market hours fees?

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When the market is closed the trade shouldn’t be triggered as there’ll be no movement up or down (it would have to move and trigger while the FX markets are open)

Unless you set it at a lower rate than it’s currently at - in which case it seems like a you problem


What a good revolut is amazing :slight_smile: