Installing Revolut on new phone

I will soon move to new android phone most likely (keeping same phone number), so question is should I just install revolut app on new phone and everything will work? Is there necessity to keep current phone online (on wi-fi), when installing revolut on new one? (maybe there is some sort of push notification I need to enter from old phone to new one?)

Also, do I have to re-add my top-up cards on new phone or they will automatically will be there?

When I switched to my new phone, I just installed the Revolut-App, logged in (you’ll need the password/pin you’ve made when creating it), and all went automatically from there… Went very smooth tbh…

(unfortunatly I just topped-up with the Banktransfers, so I can’t say anything aout the saved cards)

Keep the old phone around, in the worst case you just need to switch the Sim-Card…


To be honest, I cannot remember if I added the cards after switching phones or when I installed the app on my secondary/travel phone. However, If you frequently take pictures of payments those will be stored on the device. I am not sure if those remain if you use an Android image of your old phone to start the new one.

Not necessarily, but having the old phone inline you’ll get push notification about logging in from another phone.

No, they’ll be waiting for you in new phone :slight_smile:


I switched to a new phone a month ago… I installed app, logged-in and then had to add my (physical) card.

hmmm, I have third phone and my cards (both: Revolut and cards to topup) are still in the app…

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This is what I see. I use the app on two phones simultaneously (beta and regular versions), I occasionally reinstall them and all cards are always in sync.

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Hello revolut my account isn’t work