Initial top-up limit



I was trying to deposit 4000PLN = £838,8 for the first time and The app is saying that my daily top-up limit from a Debit Card is 1250PLN=£262,13 (for Android Pay it’s 500PLN=£104,85). I checked it on my bank website and my daily debit card limit is larger.

Please advise how I can deposit a larger amount of money (4000PLN). I’ve found out that for newly added cards, most of our users will have a daily top-up limit between £1000-£3000, so why my limit is much lower? Top up via bank transfer is not an option because I need this money tomorrow at the latest.



Hi there.

Not all the cards or users have the same daily top up limit of £1000-£3000, on our faqs it also says that “Some users may find they have a lower daily limit to begin with, however, your daily top-up limits will increase over time”

Unfortunately, you cannot remove this limit & for security reasons we cannot provide the specific details around how your top-up limits are calculated.


Thanks for the answer.

The idea of this app is great, but the first experience is a bit disappointing. I understand that those limits are there for some reason, but it will be good if you give new user some info about them during onboarding or something like that (exact limit and info that it will increase over time).