Initial Thoughts on Revolut Metal?


Revolut saves me a bundle not having to put up with poor exchange rates. Other cards may have better lounge access but what you gain with one hand you lose in poorer exchange rates. Perhaps.

It is unlikely I will ever use the Revolut lounge pass as my existing credit card already provides for this unlimited facility. But I like that Revolut gives me one free pass nevertheless. Perhaps I can transfer to a friend. Happy Days :slight_smile:


It came down to £25 to downgrade, which I’ve now done. In case anyone is in a similar position.


Hmmmm, And I was think of splashing out on one, Not good, You’ve made my mind up for me.


£25.00 to Downgrade!!! I’m shocked.


It used to be a lot more!


Honestly it is a nice gesture that you can even downgrade from the Metal plan. It is a 12 month contract. It is clearly stated. And you agree to this contract.

If you brake the contract you pay. That’s just common sense…

You wouldn’t try to pull stunts like that with your cell phone or internet provider or?


Exactly, well said. Try breaking your contract for house or car insurance mid term and see how far you get lol


Give it a couple of years and to increase competition the EU will ban contract termination fees


Never. Then you would not even need any contracts anymore. If you break a contract you have to pay the penalty. And I am glad it is that way.


Just being curious, do you keep using the metal card but with a Premium plan attached to it or does the card itself become unusable?


AFAIK you can use the card until it is invalid.


I mean for like mobile providers and gas, electric etc. In the contracts there’s always a clause that allows them to change the price or there’s always a much better deal that comes along. It would encourage them to work on smaller margins rather than rinsing people if contract termination fees were banned from these markets.