Information for bank transfer to Revolut wallet

Hi, im trying to top up THB into a revolut account.
My THB bank needs the GB branch information to be able to wire the money to LloydsBank.

Whats the beneficiary bank address and Sort code / BSB?

Hi, if you’re from GB you find the sort code in your account information. Besides that you’ll find the SWIFT code for SEPA transfers within your account details.
I am not sure if THB transfers work directly.


Hey, i do get the SWIFT code, but not the address. anywhere i can find that?

Then the account is on Revolut’s name, not personal right?

If you opened the personal account the account is also in your name. Where you got the SWIFT code from it also should name the beneficiary.

Revolut’s address is: Revolut Limited
Level 39, One Canada Square
E14 5AB London, United Kingdom

But I think that is not ! the address which you need to put there, maybe someone did such a transfer and has the correct branches address.

hmm, quite confusing. Should the beneficiary details be Revolut or my personal name?

Beneficiary bank seems to be Lloyds Bank. From the details in the Revolut wallet it looks like the beneficiary is Revolut. They state a reference, which i thought would lead to the personal name.

Picture of info that i need to enter:

Im quite confused what to enter at beneficiary bank and beneficiary.

See in app under: More > Profile > Account details > THB:

Beneficiary: Revolut Ltd
IBAN: GB06 LOYD 3080 1211 8564 72

Beneficiary address: Revolut Ltd, 1 Canada Square, London, GB, E14 5AB

Bank: Lloyd’s Bank

You MUST also enter your personal reference number, otherwise Lloyd’s Bank will not be able to link your payment to your Revolut account.