Incorrect verificaton code error

I tried to use my virtual card to purchase on and I received an error “incorrect card verification code” - I used the cvv on my card in the app

Do you mean your PIN?

No - it was just a regular online purchase so I am assuming it means Cvv code

I have the same problem today! I enter my telephone number and my 4 pin code…and after then i receive a verification code on my mobile, which i have to enter. But the verification code doesn´t work, tried it about 10 times!

Please help!

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For a week, I cant access my account either:( the SMS authentication codes are always incorrect!!
Help outside the app via social networks is unacceptable. Is anyone else having this problem…and was it resolved??

Same here for about two weeks now. I don’t know whom to address this query to?

Hello KevP! Sorry to hear you have same prob:( Makes me nervous when I have a bank that I cant communicate with outside the app except via FB or Twitter, both of which I do not use any longer.
I need to access my account urgently to check a payment. When I resolve this, I will post solution here.

Thanks for this. I hope you manage to make some progress. Good luck.

I’m facing the same probleme
I need support

I can now access my account!
I dont use my Twitter account, but made an exception here. Went to Revolut page and Tweeted message describing problem.
Within a minute I had response.
They said the issue was to do with my old version of the Revolut app and suggested that I update it. Did just that today… to Version 7.1.
When opened the app displayed a long loop of promo images about their service, with a ‘Open a Free Account’ button at bottom of screen. I scrolled manually through the loop of images… when it suddenly displayed a screen to input phone number to receive a verification code. My country code was already correct, so I just completed the phone number and sent. Immediately the ‘Something went wrong, try again later’ message was displayed.
I resumed my chat with Revolut and explained what happened. They asked if it was the latest version of the app which I installed…I said it was the latest and only version of the app available from Play Store… and sent them a screen shot to prove it. They then asked me to uninstall the app and download/install again. This I did.
Again, on opening the app, I was presented with the same as before…but a shorter loop of images… but the ‘Open Free Account’ button remained the same… with no option to log in.
They said to tap the only available button and input phone number followed by pin.
I typed my phone number and this time was taken to the familiar pin input screen. Breathless, I typed my pin… Success!! Relief!! I now have access to my account once more. I suggested a mod to the button which I have attached here.