Incorrect IBAN Format


I’m trying to do a bank transfer and the IBAN I want to transfer to is correct according to various online validators. However, the app says ‘incorrect format’, and the IBAN is shorter than the field the app saves for it.

It is the IBAN of, a Belgian IBAN.

How can I still make a bank transfer?


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I can’t replicate this.

I chose Belgium as “Country / region of recipient’s account”

The Revolut app expects an IBAN in the format of BE12 1234 1234 1234 which I believe is the correct format for Belgium IBANs, no?

The Revolut app accepts the Wise IBAN I used for testing without problems.

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Wise’s IBAN is BE83… I tried two different online IBAN validators by banks and they said it is valid, but it does not get accepted by Revolut.

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Hm, looks good know. When I tried last, it took forever to select the right destination country, that worked now fast and the IBAN gets accepted. Seems to have been a temporary issue.

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Every Belgium IBAN starts with BE. The two following digits are then specific to the account number, not to the bank. It’s a checksum to prevent typos. It’s not identical for every Wise account number.

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Welcome to our community @revolut_user1 :wave:. I am glad to hear that your issue got resolved. :hugs:

Thank you for helping him out @Frank. :star:

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