Improvements to the Ultra Plan

I find revolut Ultra not made for me but when I read you it seems like Revolut should loose money to offer customers Ultra :thinking:
There are already perks that make it works for the targeted persons Imo

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Veda | Community team

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For many of us, including myself and likely the majority of crypto users in the UK who rely on Revolut for crypto transactions, transitioning to Ultra will prove to be quite challenging.

Currently, I use Uphold and enjoy a 1% cashback on purchases, formerly 4% paid in XRP. So, receiving only 0.1% back feels inadequate, discouraging me from depositing funds into my Revolut account. Perhaps offering 1% cashback up to £55 per month initially, then reducing it to 0.1%, could be a more enticing proposition.

While travel insurance is a valuable inclusion, the average individual tends to utilize it infrequently throughout the year. Nevertheless, it remains a desirable feature.

Regarding lounge access, Ultra users should have the option to choose between unlimited passes or a set number of passes that they can share with a guest 12 maybe a solution. Personally, I find the idea appealing, but for most people, they would only use it a couple of times annually. On the Metal plan, this equates to £40 cost, or around £60 if purchased separately.

As a Nationwide customer paying £13 monthly, I currently receive benefits such as travel insurance, mobile phone insurance for my family, and breakdown coverage. To entice me to upgrade to Ultra, it would be essential to include similar additional features. Incorporating AA or RAC breakdown cover for both the UK and Europe, along with comprehensive mobile phone insurance covering the entire family, would be greatly appreciated. Implementing a system where customers can pre-register their IMEI numbers for phone insurance could streamline the process.


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What I do miss on the ultra plan is a decent plus status on some big hotel brand with certain benefits.

For Revolut users that consider Ultra it is likely that they travel often around the world. It would be great to get with the Ultra plan a silver/gold hotel status on some big hotel brand (like Accor for example) which has a lot of hotels around the world where Revolut users with Ultra can stay during their trip.

The same goes for a car rental company like Avis or Sixt for example where Ultra members get a loyalty status so they can enjoy more perks and benefits.

I do believe that those two perks would be better for your Ultra members then a free Tinder Gold subscription ( as dating app Happn would be more suitable for Revolut users that travel often I believe :sweat_smile:)

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Veda | Community team

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It would be cool if you could offer some of these subscriptions as a part of the Ultra plan in the Czech Republic:

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