Improve Insurance Claim Workflow

Hi, I just wanted to give feedback on the insurance claim workflow. I have recently contacted Whitehorse because of my delayed flight and I called them. Then the Lady on the other end asked me for all the necessary details. Then she sent me a generic (meaning that there were a myriad of other questions that didn’t even concern my claim) form file (.doc, word 2003 mind you). That form was not even a fillable form which would make it easier to fill in. No it’s just tables and descriptions of what should go where. It even would make it easier having a pdf form provided or a link to type form. I know that this is probably not in Revolut’s hands but I’d love to see some streamlining in that.


Revolut could influence that by offering insurances from reputable companies :upside_down_face:


It would be nice if it was from a local company
So you have the ability to speak to one in your local language

Honestly, I’d rather prefer having slightly cheaper Premium or Metal without the travel insurance. I’m not going to use ever anyways, insurance is really trust-based and my beloved ERV never failed me, claim workflow is also based on my experience very straightforward.

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I honestly like the insurance. Now that I live in Paris I can make use of the insurance and I had travel delays and baggage delays already twice in a year. So it’s good I think. Execution could be better though.

And for example my Allianz insurance doesn’t ask for a penny for a claim compared with Revolut’s which asks for 70 pounds.

And I had a claim for 30€ only last year. Woth Revolut I couldn’t do that.


Hmm not aware of the 70 pounds. I guess that is only for the medical part of the insurance. Not for the baggage delay

Well yeah. But frankly I don’t care about the baggage delay. The airline paid me well every time on spot.

JAL for example already knew my baggage is missing and picked me up with a sign and after dozens of excuses paid quite well.
The baggage arrived the same day in evening tho.

well I guess yes but I still like it. It is not really easy for Revolut to satisfy everyone I guess…