Identifying a credit card transaction


We generate more than 200 virtual bank cards every month by member, and we would like to use the API to retrieve the transactions (purchases, refunds, etc.) associated with a bank card.

The API only provides the following information:

  • Card Number (masked), so it’s not a unique identifier because it’s masked and only the last 4 digits are unique.
  • first_name, lastname,phone which corresponds to the member.

=> None of this information allows us to correct a transaction with a virtual bank card in the API Business.

In the Revolut front end (the bank account), we can see that the transaction information is associated with a bank card id (so it’s possible to pivot with the front end), so that’s what we’d like to have in the Business API.
In slack (we’ve connected Revolut to slack), we see the card_name in slack which is not available in the Business API either.

Do you have a solution to our problem that would allow the Business API to identify a transaction (purchase, refund) with a bank card?

Thank you in advance,

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Hello @Combigo,

Thank you for your message!

We currently don’t have a solution for this issue in our Business API. However, we are planning to enhance our API in the upcoming quarters to address the issue you described above.

We will make a community announcement as soon as it is done. Stay tuned for updates!

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Hello @Sultan_B ,

Thanks for your quick response.
A little date horizon to share with me so that I know how much we must put efforts in terms of manual process by our agents to solve the current problem? (it will be great if you have a time info to share with me)

Tres hate to have more information so here we could have in the transaction the credit card id it will be perfect, or then have a route to have all the transactions for a credit card id.

Have a nice day
best Regards,

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Welcome to our community @Combigo :wave:. Unfortunately, we don’t have any definite time frame available at the moment. However, you can be rest assured that once this will be done, we will let you know for sure. Please bear with us. :rocket:

SG | Community Team