IBANs for USD / other currencies- real-life experience

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while since I last checked out the forum; so many new things going on!

So now I’m interested in USD IBAN; just recently, apparently, Revolut enabled personal IBAN numbers- virtual or not- for USD accounts. For other currencies, too, I guess. I could see one for… ZAR :slight_smile: How much better can it get?

My question- has anyone already actually tested personal IBAN transfers to the respective number provided for your accounts? As opposed to the pooled account + reference?

Thoughts/suggestions? Anything worked out of ordinary?

Yes I have transferred USD to my Revolut personal IBAN USD account using HSBC. To be honest it is a pain as they do not recognize Revolut as a bank and the transaction is flagged as suspicious, and then has to be processed manually by HSBC.

Money arrives no problem, although takes a few days longer !!!


Is it possible to get a ACH routing number and a local account number for my USD account?

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Hi Sal.

I saw your reply and because I want to do the same (transfer to my USD account) I’m asking you for some details.

Could you please confirm what to use in these fields:
Beneficiary=My name or Revolut?
Bank’s name= Revolut Ltd?

Thanks for your help.
Frank :+1:

I used Revolut

Like i said HSBC system is not picking this up automatically and the transfer is then processed manually after I ‘submit’ online.

Pain but it gets there eventually. I’ve done three transfers now. First two took 5 days, last one took 2 days. The transfer receipt says that i am transferring to HSBC New York and not Revolut. No idea !!! Anyway, as long as your IBAN is correct i can’t see how it can go wrong to be honest ?

No problems so far expect for last few months HSBC are sending through SWIFT intermediary and its costs me $30/time. International transfers supposed to be free on my HSBC account. I hate banks !

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What is a best correspondent bank to use for US-revolut transfer in USD? My US bank offers me Barclays by default, but it can be changed.
Search on the internet gives a fee around 25 dollars, charged by Barclays for such a transfer.
Any advise to avoid fee?

Is there any fees?
Or it’s free?

Thanks for the info
Now i know why my compensation from lufthansa take some time :+1:

Revolut uses Lloyds.

Internet says “client funds are stored under a segregated account at Lloyd’s or Barclays, depending on the type of account you hold”.
So, how lloyds is used by Revolut? do you recommend lloyds as correspondent bank?

I use HSBC, works just fine. Although I pay $30 intermediary SWIFT fees along the way :roll_eyes:

I would try both and see which one (if any) is the cheapest.