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Hello my Revolut IBAN is too short for the field requesting my IBAN on a secured transaction. I have 20 characters but the field requires 28 characters in total. Is there a way to obtain a 28 character format for our Revolut IBAN?

Bank code, guichet code, RIB key etc.


Hello, our Revolut IBAN have 20 characters but what to do when the fields require 28 characters? Also, I must submit additional info according to the joint file here. I don’t see this in my account confirmation document. Is there a way to obtain this information from Revolut?


This is not how IBANs work. Each country has its specific length. IBANs can not be converted into various lengths like you seem to suggest.


Try using the BIC instead?


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I understand your frustration! Thank you @Frank for your insight. :star:

As mentioned by @Graham_Lees the form might have alternative fields for account details like BIC. Providing these details along with your 20-character IBAN might be sufficient.

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