IBAN changed on my account!

Hi, I’m writing here because the life chat agent is not answering today and seems to be useless. I did not received my last transfer in my account and I just realized that the IBAN has been changed!!!
The UK code and account is the same however the IBAN not!!! What can I do? Does anyone had this problem? I’m missing 1500€ that were transfer to my “IBAN”
Please help me :frowning:

UK code, IBAN, euro?

What did you transfer from where to where and what changed?

My company from Spain pay my payroll in the IBAN I always had (app). I did not received the amount and when I checked my account details I realized that the IBAN is different and I don’t know why.

I know that IBAN can change when the bank office changes etc but my inicial/old IBAN acooubt should be redirected to the new one and I should have received the money already!

So I presume we are talking about euro.

To which account have they been paying to, SWIFT or local?

Yes, in Euros and SWIFT account (IBAN)

If they pay you from Spain it should not be SWIFT but the local account.

But my concern is that I just realized that my IBAN is not the same number as when I opened my REVOLUT account last June.
I gave the IBAN and updated in the payroll system in that moment. And now I’m realizing that is totally different!!! How can be posible?

The Uk code and account number remains the same but the IBAN and SWIFT no.

Is bank holiday in Uk but that not should not affect the Revolut help chat. And I’m not getting any reply since yesterday that I’m trying to contact them :frowning:

What UK code? We are talking here about a purely SEPA account in EUR with an IBAN.

You seemed to have used the SWIFT account (instead of your local euro account).

Though it seems it did not even change and is still the same old 3080 1286 5682 90

Alessandro thanks for reply me. Can I ask you who you are to know to who I’m talking with?
I do not have a SEPA or Spanish account, with Revolut I have UK account as I was working in Uk.
Now I moved to Spanish, got paid from Spain, in Europa to my Uk account. The international account is IBAN

You are posting here on Revolut’s community forum. So dont post any confidential data.

So you changed currencies? That naturally comes with a change in account/IBAN number. You mentioned euros, now the UK (sterling presumably). Which currency are we talking about? I asked that at the very beginning.

Hi Eva,
Have received recently an email from revolut
Because revolut company has been transferred from uk to lethuania because of brexit and then even the first letter from the IBAN has been changed as well from GB to LT
I also has experienced the same problem but later I could understand after rereading my email sent 3 weeks ago
Therefore, you need to check your mailbox and try to send email from the app in order to receive the money that you haven’t get it.
Good luck