I received my card and cannot use


Hi guys,

1 week ago i received my card, i top-up 30 pounds, and cannot use the card.
I tried in supermarkets, in the tube, in a stores, and nothing.

Can you help me?



Hey @hectorges :slight_smile:

I never had such a problem! What’s the exact problem? Refused? Not recognised? Any particular error?


nop! Just the machine say: PIP PIP, and i can’t pay!


Hey @hectorges :slight_smile:

This never happened to me. Just one quick consideration: are you using contactless?
If so, you will have to make at least one Chip&PIN transaction to enable contactless transaction functionality :wink:


Check if you have this card enabled (in the app). Check security panel too. What about ATM withdrawal? Does it work?