I can't put comma on the app



I can’t put comma when i want to exchange money.
Can someone help me please ?




Thanks for your answer but I obviously knew where he was but when I press it, it doesn’t work.


Sounds odd. What mobile OS?

Have you tried force quitting the app and relaunching it?


I’m on Android
Yes I tried but Its not working since I started the first time


Hey @SebMais19 :slight_smile:

Try long-pressing the dot/comma button or the symbols button and try to put a comma/dot there :wink:


Thankss but it’s not working it’s like I didn’t have the comma section when I press it nothing happens


Same problem here on Android. Always update (both system and Revolut app).
Any news?



Try to uninstall and install again the app it worked for me



Thanks. I tried but … still the same…



When I change the language of my phone from French to English, it works. But… I will not change my phone settings anytime I want to write a coma :slight_smile:

Is there any way to create a bug ticket or something ?


So this is not working when your app is in French, right?


This is not working when my smartphone is in French and when my app is in French. I did not try to change the language of my app. I dont’t even know if I can! Tell me otherwise…


PS: My phone is a Samsung, and you may know that there is a Samsung layer over Android… :thinking:



I’ve noticed that in the “rates” UI, the comma works. The keyboard provide this key : “.-”. Instead of the key “.” in the “exchanges” UI.

“rates UI” :

“exchanges” UI :

Hope it can help !


Hi everyone, I have the same problem, I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 in french and I can’t use the cents. on the keyboard the comma is greyed and the point won’t work. I switched to English and it works. But I’m not keeping my phone in English just for this App. I see that the last answer is from Dec 17, Nobody else encountered this problem?
I also see what Ivanovitch wrote above, I have the same in rates convertions but when I want to exchange the keyboard just shows the point.

Has anybody a clue?