Husband having trouble topping up my card

Hi, new here so excuse me if asking in the wrong place.

I have a Revolut card and normally too up via Visa card. My husband would like to top it up from his card so has downloaded the app. He doesn’t want a card of his own but is unable to link to ‘existing card’ (getting error message)

Can anyone offer any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

Mrs B

Hey @MrsB :slight_smile:

This is the right place, no need to apologize :smile:

Your card is linked to your account and can not be linked to other accounts. He can top his account up anytime without ordering a card for himself, and then send you the money through the “Payments” button, clicking Send. It’s instant and free :wink:


or you can go to payment -> request money -> create payment link

and thats the easiest way for him
to send you money without having revolut and still in real time

just send him the generated link

This feature is not what you’re looking for; linking an existing card should be used if you got a Revolut card somewhere (in their public events for example) and want to link it to your account.

So, like other people said: either ask your wife to request a payment via the direct link, or topup in your account then transfer to your wife, shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:

apologies for my late reply but just wanted to thank everyone for their help and advice. We sorted it thank you :slight_smile: