How to update expired debit card to add funds to :R:

My debit card expired, as they do. The app says I can update the expired card. It reads the new card using NFC which fills in the new card details OK apart from CVV which I supply manually.

That’s it - the app then hangs up forever until I force-stop it. Eventually I get a notification saying it didn’t work. I checked with my bank and they never saw it, the auth was not declined.

Tried this several times over two days and always fails. How do I update my debit card?

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Have you tried deleting it and trying to add again as a new card?

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Strangely you can’t delete an expired debit card, you can only update it. Although I am ready to admit the ever-changing GUI in the app could have fooled me, but I didn’t find a way.

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There must be something strange going on. I see this for an expired card

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Presumably this is something that Revolut will address promptly.

Without the ability to add funds, the Revolut account becomes useless.

This is a fundamental flaw which needs rapid attention.

I look forward to hearing the reply as I have a linked card which expires soon.

Here’s what I see

If I click on “update expired card” then it takes me into a dialog to enter new card details, which hangs up and doesn’t work. There is no option to delete as shown by minimim

The “debit or credit card” menu option seen at the bottom of the image also takes you to same dialog.

Perhaps adding the card to Google Pay, then topping up via that source will be a ‘workaround’?

Just tried it and it seems to work.

I am based in UK.

Hope this is helpful?

Are you tapping the little “i” in the circle on the right of the card name or on the card itself?


Just had another look in the app and at your screenshot. It sounds like you’re tapping the “Update expired card” text, which doesn’t give you the option to delete the card. You need to tap the little info “i” on the right of the card, which then lets you delete the card.

Of course, this may still not work, if you add it again!

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Worked! I tapped the little circle as you say, and I was able to delete the card. I assumed the little circle with the (i) was “help” which I didn’t expect actually would help so I didn’t press it.

I deleted the card and re-added it using NFC but it would not add the card because “invalid expiry date.” I clicked the camera icon instead and the app read the card details from the phone camera - this worked.

Thanks very much I would never have figured that out for myself.


For my taste, the app is getting more and more fussy and “over engineered” by the day. Simple things like this are not very intuitive…


I totally agree.


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I too am trying to update my Bank of Valletta Visa Card and the Revolut app just keeps going round. Needed to pay out and am stuck. As soon as I close and reopen it starts winding round and round. Do I try and delete the whole Revolut App and reinstall?

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