How To Send Money To Business

“The BIC/SWIFT you entered is not valid.” yet I haven’t been prompted to enter any.

Trying to send money to a business in the EU, in Euro, I’m asked, in the app, to fill in only their IBAN and company name.

So, how could I send money to a business?

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Hi @heizrich and welcome
Firstly a few questions so that someone can help you with this.

  • which options are you selecting to effect the transfer
  • what is the version of the app
  • when selecting “New Transfer” which option do you select
    Bank or Card
  • Have you tried selecting “Create a payment link”
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Thank you for your reply.

It is an Euro/SEPA-related problem (with the app, I mean.)
i.e. sending money from X to Y in EUR, both being in SEPA, does not require the user to enter a BIC/SWIFT, since that field isn’t even displayed. The field appears once you change the currency to a local one, be it of X’s or Y’s.
The app most likely checks for that field regardless of it being shown to the user or not. Yikes.

As to your last point, no, I haven’t and most likely will not.
As for the others:
Transfers > New > New Transfer > Bank recipient, having “Business” selected in the following “Account details.”
App version is 10.5.2.


You’re correct. Banks are not supposed to use BICs for SEPA Euro transfers.

The error you’re seeing is odd. I would make sure to have all updates installed and double check the IBAN. IBANs have a checksum to avoid typos. Maybe this is about an invalid IBAN, and the app shows a wrong error text.

If that doesn’t help, I would provide a screen recording to support.


Hello @heizrich :wave: ,

Welcome to our community. Thank you for raising your concern with us. May I know have you followed Frank’s advice? Is it resolved? :thinking:

Thank you for the help @Graham_Lees @Frank . :star:

SG | Community Team

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