How to remove beneficiary (bank transfer) ?

want to remove a beneficiary from “bank transfer” section.

how to do this?
(only option available “add new beneficiary”)


swipe on the beneficiary. Delete will appear.


It doesn’t work for me. There is no swipe gesture available on the beneficiary list. I’m on iOS.


This no longer works… how do we remove a beneficiary?

Tap on it. Then ••• upper right corner.

When I click on the beneficiary there is no …

This is what my screen looks like

Are you using the latest version of the app? (Can’t say for sure since I am on iOS, but mine looks wildly different.)

Yep. 13.5.1 on iOS and regular update of revolut

It looks like you swiped (–> send). Just tap on the contact to configure it.

I have problem with deleting/editing beneficiary account. There is no 3 dots in right corner when I am taping name or no other option when I slide to left (only send)
Please help!

Can you provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing when tapping on a beneficiary?

There is no way to edit a beneficiary on its own, first of all it is only accessible from the -> Send button to either add or select one.
Then once added there are no edit options. You can see the screenshot showing that just the send button is visible when holding down a beneficiary

You can organize beneficiaries via the Payments section. (Ignore send on the Home section.)


that worked for me on an Android. Thank you

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Just go to send on a bank account. Then tap on the blued accout number and end of page press delete


I find Revolut very useful but not always intuitive, for instance why should you have to use a search to find paid transactions, rather than go to transactions and then scroll thro or search at that point.
Removing a beneficiary is positively dangerous, one heavy handed swipe and it is gone without asking for confirmation. I shall use the other option which is to go to beneficiary bank accounts touch on the little temple symbol (Bank of England?) which shows the bank details for amendment purposes but thankfully has a delete option at the bottom.

Hi there,

Theel is right. This is how you delete a beneficiary from revolut app. Go as if you are going to send money to a bank account to see the list of beneficiary. select the account you want to delete and it will appear the screen to type how much money you want to send but at the top of the screen in blue you will have the IBAN of the account. click there and it will open the account details. at the bottom of the form you will see the option Delete.