How to best receive payments from third parties?


What is the best way to receive bank transfer payments from third parties, into my Revolut account?

Is this dependent on the currency as well? Receiving EUR or GBP or USC or CHF f.i.?

EUR is my main currency, however, I have activated GBP, USD and CHF accounts in my Revolut as well.

I can find a lot of information on how to pay and spend with my Revolit account. Topping Up from my own bank account is possible as well, however, I don’t find information on how to receive payments from third parties. Other than sending a payment request, which generates a link for payment by credit card only (not bank transfer).

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If you have enabled your personal EUR or GBP IBAN i would use those to receive payments. Using these is a normal bank transfer using SEPA.


Thanks @henrikbjorn

So that’s basically the same info as used when topping up from your own bank account. Strange that this isn’t mentioned in the FAQ’s or something, isn’t it? Or I couldn’t find it…

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Yes it is. Well it is under EUR Account and marked as Local. So it is your personal EUR account. Just be cautious that you only use it for SEPA transfers.


Yes, found the info.

And if I would receive a payment from abroad this would be the information I would submit as well. Probably except payments for the other currencies in my Revolut account, which have different information on IBAN etc.

Thnx again.


Yes if abroad is still inside the European Economic Area. If not then you have to use the SWIFT information.


Probably not exactly…

I just mentioned that the IBAN number under SWIFT (i.s.o Local) at my EUR account is different from the IBAN at my USD account, and again different to the IBAN on my CHF account.

The IBAN number at the SWIFT section of my GBP account is different again to all the others as well.

I still think it should be good to have more official information in the app, on how to receive (bank transfer) payments from third parties - in and outside your own region/country. My feeling is that’s it’s a bit guessing now.



EUR and GBP offers a feature called “personal iban” this mean it is like a personal account that is held in your name. Local refers to the region for which the account is in. In this case the region will be EEA. This means you can use the Local information as long as you receive bank transfers from inside EEA. In the future Revolut will offer Personal accounts for other currencies as well. When they release USD personal accounts the “local” information will refer to the details using to receive bank transfers from other US accounts.

SWIFT is an international standard for doing bank transfers internationally. This is why the details is different.

When Revolut does not offer personal accounts they list information for a pooled account. When using this it is VERY IMPORTANT to use the reference as it ties the transfer to your Revolut Account.

Make more sense now ?


Revolut has different pooled accounts for different currencies, that’s what you mean? Received money in one of this pooled accounts is directed to my account through this reference. Seems logic to me indeed.

And if I will receive it in my EUR, GBP, USD or CHF Revolut account, will be determined by the Revolut IBAN number it was sent to. Not by the currency which was sent…?

In a best-case scenario, it wouldn’t matter if I received a USD amount to my EUR Revolut IBAN. The USD amount would be exchanged for the same amount of EUR as when I received the USD on my Revolut USD IBAN, and then exchange/transfer it to my Revolut EUR account in the app.

I think I’m getting it, however, still think this could have been explained anywhere in the FAQs. But it’s probably just me having this situation :wink:


Like with traditional bank accounts, sending money in a different currency than the account is set up for, results in money being exchanged into the account’s currency. In case of Revolut, this happens by their partner bank and results in fees. That’s why they explain the FAQs to always use corresponding account details depending on the currency.

Exception: personal / local EUR account details do not accept transfers other than EUR SEPA transfers. That is mentioned in the app.I haven’t tried it, but my guess is that USD will bounce back.