How Long Can Revolut Business Transfers Take?

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We noticed you all are curious regarding the timeline any business transfer might take, so we decided to create a topic on that. :hugs:

Please note that any transfer’s waiting time depends on the currency and the country you are trying to send or receive the money from. We have covered different types of transfers and the approximate timeline for the recipient to receive them.

:closed_lock_with_key:Ohh! Are you not the admin of the account? Then, you need to make sure that your admin gave you the permissions to order a transfer. If you don’t have the full transfer permission, the admin will have to approve your transfer request.

:fast_forward:Transfers between Revolut users

Are you trying to transfer from a Business account to a Personal account or the other way around? You will receive the funds instantly and won’t have transfer fees as well.

:fast_forward:Local transfers

:round_pushpin: If you want to transfer to your registered country using the local currency :point_down: :point_down:

  • :uk:UK local transfers - CHAPS can take up to 24 hours, if the recipient bank supports Faster Payments it will be received during the next 2 hours and BACS can take up to 3 days to reach the recipient’s account.

  • :eu:EUR local transfers (SEPA) - If the recipient’s bank institution accepts SEPA Instant, your transfer will be received within minutes, including weekends and holidays. Regular SEPA transfers can take up to 2 working days.

  • :us:USD local transfers can usually take up to 3 working days.

:fast_forward:International transfers

:earth_asia: :currency_exchange: If you want to transfer to a different currency from your registered country, or sent to a different country using any currency :point_down: :point_down:

All international transfers can take up to 5 working days. In some cases, international transfers can take a bit longer to be received.
Please be aware that if you need to receive an international transfer with a different currency, you will have to share the account details of the currency in which you want to receive the funds.

Still have questions? Don’t worry. Our comment section is open for you all! :arrow_double_down: :arrow_double_down:

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I closed my pro account and had to submit my bank details for Revolut to transfer my remaining funds to me. They explained to me that the account to which I wanted my funds to be transferred had to be in the same name as my Revolut account, that is, I could not transfer my remaining money to a third-party account. Once the procedure was completed, when I looked, I was debited from my Revolut account but I still haven’t received my money in my private account, the one I had sent them. They explained to me that it took between 2 to 3 working days, but I’ve been waiting for 10 days now!

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

If so, what should be done? Because customer support, chat, emails, people don’t answer me


Hello @Inajammukltd,

We are sorry to read that your transfer to your personal account is taking longer than expected.
We will kindly ask you to please send us a private message to our Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. Our support team will make sure to review your case from there.

Pere | Community Team

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We’ve already done all this! And each time we are redirected to support.
We have no response from Revolut support, we let few messages and e-mails. and we don’t know what’s going on!
we don’t understand this way of doing things. You leave your customers without resources and without explanation. We have customers to deliver and orders to pay. We are devastated!

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Hello @Inajammukltd ,

I will send you a private message in order to review your case in detail. Please let me know all the details from there.

Thank you in advance.

Pere | Community Team

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