How long before daily card top-up limit is increased?

Hi guys,

Does any of the long time users of Revolut remember appr how long it took before their daily card top-up limit was increased from the minimum?

In order to pay my monthly bills I have to transfer my current maximum allowed amount 10 days in a row and then wait the 2-3 days it takes for the money to get to my budget account.

Support won’t tell me - but maybe somebody remembers? I can’t see the security risk in knowing it will take a week, a month or even three before it can get increased.


the limit seems to be set per card and is increased after particular numbers of successful top-ups done with particular card. I’d suspect that after you already successfully used your card 10 times for topping-up, the limit should be increased (in my case i believe it was after 5 top-ups within 2 weeks). after one month and around 10 top-ups I’m not even asked for CVV/3d secure code anymore.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I should be getting there soon then - I will curb my impatience

And now it looks like it´s been upped - so about 10 days with top-ups seems to do the trick :slight_smile: - I don´t know what my new limit is though. How can I see that? - other than by topping up with a lot of money and hope it doesn´t go through :smiley:

That’s the only way I’m afraid. For the top up to fail, then a warning message saying what the current limit is :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: