How can we make Premium/Metal 10x better?

It’s probably a loss leader or they charge a markup for the conversion itself which they’re taking a cut out of

Is there any information available about “trading being available in Switzerland”? This would easily make Premium/Metal 10x better.

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I think revolut would be better if it supported online identity verification. At the moment I have to keep my old local bank accounts open because revolut does not support or eIDAS verification. That’s the only one reason revolut isn’t my primary account

For the Metal Plan:
It would be very great to have :

  • More cashback in Europe (0,5%) and Abroad (2%)

  • Access to VIP events all around the world - invitation to events (football events,…)

  • A monthly draw to win coupons (Airbnb, Booking) or a trip (for example a partnership with, Voyage-Privé)
    10 000 Revolut Metal users could win a price or coupons, moreover you can have loyal customer.

  • More Partnerships (as airport lounge which is awesome) - it could be for example a partnership with e-commerce websites (Amazon,…), delivery app for foods (Uber eat, Deliveroo,…) in order to have promotion but also a better cashback (look at the website “IGraal”, it is great for that)

  • Insurance for the phone stolen (included in the Metal plan)

  • Liability insurance abroad should be add for Metal customers as we travel a lot

If I have any other ideas, I will add them.

Hope these features will come :slight_smile:



I would like to see 0.5% within European Economic Area countries (not just “Europe” and possibly 1-1.5% everywhere else)

No thanks - this alienates certain people like myself. Likely most of the Revolut Metal users, actually. We should only be improving the core product itself and not linking with geographical specific things such as this. N26 made this mistake imo with their partnerships and I won’t go near them because of this.

I would be very appreciative if Revolut could build Avios or similar into their purchasing program, so for example I spend on my Revolut card and get 1 Avios for each £1 I spend :ok_hand: this could even be scaled up with specific partners

Alternatively credits for multi-national companies like Uber, Taxify (only transport companies I would like to see this for tbh) would be pretty nice.

I think we all want this. I would just keep it at 20% discount for metal though, or include the base with no theft and let us pay extra (maybe £3 a month or so extra as an addition) to cover us for theft too.

They should do this and increase the insurance days… 40 days is nothing when you’re going across multiple countries!

For metal card holders : It’s possible to print the contactless icon face up ?
Many marchants don’t flip the card then they think the card doesn’t support contactless feature.

Premium cards also have the contactless logo on the back.

Design issues aside, that might be a problem in itself since the metal cards only work contactless with the plastic (back-)side :slight_smile: Hence that might be even more confusing for merchants.

You shouldn’t give your card to anyone anyways. You should always tap/insert/swipe yourself - so i don’t think that’s a huge problem. Most contactless enabled terminals are designed so the customer can tap himself of course.

But I do understand people that might want to hand over their metal cards to other people, so I guess I get where this is coming from - but so you have even more time to talk about your nice card with the merchant if you have to tell them to use contactless and the right side of it :wink:


I agree. Revolut is at its centre a prepaid card for international power travellers. Therefore, they must include insurance(s) to match that core value proposition.

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Free Partner Card to generate a shared account


8 months and 350 comments later, did Revolut execute on any of the above ideas?
Asking for a friend :slight_smile:


They adjusted the price for airport lounges, I don’t think they’ve implemented anything else.

I really liked my idea of 0.5% cashback in Europe until we hit £100 then 0.1% from onwards, with the 1% everywhere else left the same too…


Cancelling Metal was a good idea then. :sweat_smile:

I can always hop back on that train if the need should ever arise.

It is kind of remarkable that actually nothing notable changed…


My metal is set to cancel by itself as well

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I’ve been a Metal user for quite some time now and my monthly contract plan runs out so I could cancel the subscription without the “break fee”.

I never was a fan of the yearly plan.

Yearly plan was superior imo as it worked out to being cheaper, but I’m really over Revolut Metal as it stands

They need to remove the concierge and fix their merchant enrichment, then provide me with better benefits.

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I use the annual plan and I’m happy with that and also it’s cheaper more affordable if you know that you will need it.
Concierge works fine for me used it once, no complain here.
Well, the unlimited trades have already paid the 50% of my metal yearly plan.
I would like to see more cashback and hopefully perks across every country and a cheaper lounge access to European currency as in GBP costs 18-19.


For what did you use it? I really have no use case…

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Yes… I’m intrigued :slight_smile:

Does anyone know when will revolut support other merchant like financial securities brokers and dealers ?