How Can I Use Payment Links? 🔗

After creating a Merchant account you will have the chance to take part of our payment links, in order to send your customers the payment order through a link, which will allow you to personalize the price without having an ecommerce setup, and you will receive your customer’s card payments in the shortest time, WITHIN 24 HOURS!

How to:

From the “Payments” section, you will need to open the “Requests” tab and select “Payment link”.
After that, you will be requested to enter the amount, currency and description. Tap on the “**
**” button and the link will be ready to be shared :rocket:.

You can also create a payment link from here.


:earth_africa: :calling: You can generate payment links and share them with your customers anytime, anywhere. This allows you to request payments in person or send them to customers far away from you via email, text message etc.

:zap::lock: All you have to do is enter the amount and the concept, it’s that quick. Your customers will be able to use the link instantly and choose from various payment options, allowing them to enter their details quickly and securely.

We have the fastest settlement time on the market, it will only take 24 hours for you to receive the funds.

What’s next:

As stated above, you will receive the funds as soon as the next day. This way, your profits will be reflected in your account in hours, helping you to better manage your expenses and contributing to the balance of your business.
:receipt: You will find all the invoices from the “Invoices” tab as it happens with a regular merchant transaction.

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