How can i receive USD when its not possible to enter a Reference number


I do a bit of stuff in crypto and usually cash out in EUR - which is fine, but i actually have some funds sitting in USD that i’d like to collect as well.

The problem is that when withdrawing it has to send to your name directly - i can’t change it to the pool name of Revolut Ltd. I can enter all of the IBAN details and bank name etc ok, but i cannot enter the reference number.

If i was to send money this way would it still be received?

If not, is there any other way to collect the USD? - i.e. can it be sent to my EUR IBAN details?

You can check the forum and the FAQs about the case when people forget to add a reference.

If’ve you’ve activated your personal EUR IBAN, the app states that only SEPA EUR payments to this IBAN are accepted. My guess is that USD most likely will bounce back.

yes just had clarification that USD to the EUR account will bounce,

however support are unable to tell me what will happen if the payment is sent the USD pool with my name as the beneficiary…

Your situation might be different but users reported this: when sending EUR to the GBP pooled account, the money was converted by Revolut’s banking partner Lloyd’s for a fee and then credited to the GBP balance. That is the expected behavior of any traditional current account with a traditional bank.

the problem is that i cannot change the beneficiary details of the payment - it must be sent in my name.

Those pooled accounts - “Revolut Ltd” is the beneficiary name.

Yes. I would not risk it.

so i think i may have found a work around - the exchange also allows withdrawal to VISA cards - i have activated the virtual VISA on Revolut and sent a test through to see how it goes.

fee is minimal to use the service so if all goes well then :+1:

I am not sure if this is something the card itself has to support. Withdrawals to cards in the US are very common, see Paypal. In Europe, bank accounts are linked to Paypal instead to pay the money out.

i assumed it worked similarly to a refund

I wouldn’t bet on it

not sure why you are mentioning PayPal?
many betting websites (UK) you can also withdraw to Visa

I mentioned PayPal because they write on their UK website that withdrawals to cards aren’t possible :slight_smile:

But why not try it out with a small amount and see what happens.

ah, you mean specifically PayPal
yeh, i have not seen it as an option there, i think it is US customers only currently. But as i say i do know that withdrawal to Visa is possible at least in the UK from my time on a few betting sites - it doesn’t seem to be a restriction with Visa, but rather with PayPal.

I’ve made the transaction for a small(ish) amount, will see if it turns up